October 2021 Kick-off

October 2024

BY-COVID runs from October 2021 to October 2024. The ultimate outcome of the project is that SARS-CoV-2 and other infectious disease data will be easier to access, share and analyse. This will enable the world to respond more quickly to infectious disease outbreaks. During the project there will also be specific outputs such as publications and deliverables. Deliverables will include reports and best practice guidelines. These outputs will appear here as the project progresses.


24 Mar 2022 | PLOS Computational Biology

10 Simple Rules for making a software tool workflow-ready

Workflows have become a core part of computational scientific analysis in recent years. This paper presents 10 simple rules for how a software tool can be prepared for workflow use.

04 Jan 2022 | Data Science

Packaging research artefacts with RO-Crate

The aim of this paper is to introduce RO-Crate (an open, community-driven, and lightweight approach to packaging research artefacts along with their metadata in a machine readable manner) and assess it as a strategy for making multiple types of research artefacts FAIR.

23 Dec 2021 | ResearchSquare

Unique SARS-CoV-2 variant found in public sequence data of Antarctic soil samples collected in 2018-2019

This paper is about an investigation to know whether the huge public sequencing data archives’ samples collected earlier than the earliest known cases of the pandemic might contain traces of SARS-CoV-2.

06 Dec 2021 | Figshare

The response of the scholarly communication system to the COVID-19 pandemic

This paper analyses how the scholarly communication system – involving the production, evaluation, and dissemination of research outputs – has responded to this crisis, focusing on the period until mid-2021.

03 Nov 2021 | Zenodo

FAIR, ethical, and coordinated data sharing for COVID-19 response

Data sharing is central to the rapid translation of research into advances in clinical medicine and public health practice. This paper is a review of COVID-19 data sharing platforms and registries.


All deliverables will appear here as they are published.