BY-COVID featured in the press at GenomeWeb

24 November 2021

Image for the BY-COVID news pages.

The BY-COVID project has been featured in an article on GenomeWeb, an online news organisation that promotes the scientific and economic ecosystem spurred by the advent of high-throughput genome sequencing. This article presents BY-COVID to a large audience of biopharmaceutical companies, research universities, biomedical institutes, clinical labs, and government laboratories across the world.

The article features interviews from the BY-COVID Principle Investigator, Niklas Blomberg; COVID-19 Data Platform Lead, Guy Cochrane, and Enrique Bernal-Delgado, a senior health services and policy researcher at the Institute for Health Sciences in Zaragoza, Spain, who is involved in the Population Health Information Research Infrastructure (PHIRI).

You can find the article on the GenomeWeb website. Please note that GenomeWeb operates a subscription service, please check to see if you have access through your institution.