Open science for pandemic preparedness

6 December 2023


This event has now been concluded.

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When: Tuesday 6 December 2023, 10.00am - 17.00

Where: The Hotel, Boulevard De Waterloo 38, Brussels, Belgium

The BY-COVID project is hosting a high-level event entitled ‘Open science for pandemic preparedness’ to highlight and discuss the value of open data and tools in addressing the COVID pandemic and future pandemics.

The event will feature panel discussions with experts from various sectors, including policy-makers from the European Commission, industry and academia. During the discussions the experts will share their insights and reflections on the role that open data has played in the recent pandemic and make recommendations for future pandemic preparedness.

The event will also showcase the outputs of the BY-COVID project, which aims to provide a platform for sharing and accessing data related to COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.

Confirmed speakers and panellists include:

  • Wolfgang Phillip, Deputy Head of HERA, Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Authority
  • Kostas Repanas, Open Science and Research Infrastructure Unit, DG RTD, European Commission
  • Frederic Sgard, Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)
  • Aitana Neves, Team Lead Data Science, Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics
  • Katharina Lauer, Director of Data Partnerships and Strategy, Airfinity
  • Guy Cochrane, EMBL-EBI, European COVID-19 Data Platform
  • Niklas Blomberg, ELIXIR Director and BY-COVID Coordinator

Please find the agenda and a link to register below.